Olle-Polle is a mule, born in 2002. Olle’s mother is a horse or a pony and her father is a donkey. Her coat is seal brown with the typical black dorsal stripe of the donkey and height at the withers of approx. 140 cm. We know little of her past. Olle was born in France but moved to Holland at some point in her life. In January 2017 she entered Finland and that is when she joined our family. Olle’s official name is ‘Olvie’, but in Finnish, that name could cause misunderstanding, because of the Finnish lager brand ’Olvi’. To Finns it sounds a bit weird to take ’Olvie’ with you on a day out in the forest with the kids. So this is why we nicknamed her ‘Olle-Polle’ or ‘Olle’ in short. Olle has a firm-footed step, which is typical for mules and she walks steadily, also on uneven terrain. She is a sweetie, but somewhat greedy. She is bigger than her donkey roommates and in her hungry stomach there is always room for more.


    Aapo’s real name is Abom. Aapo is a Pyrenean mule gelding, who was born in France in 2010. The Pyrenean mule is a breed of draught mule. In France, especially in the Pyrenean mountain region they are used for agricultural work and in forestry. Aapo’s mother is a Percheron, a French breed of draught horse and his father is a Pyrenean donkey. Aapo himself is a rather big guy with his 155 cm at the withers and his massive frame. His gentle nature makes him and easy keeper, so easy-going even that watching him move at some times is like watching a film in slow motion.

      A mule is a funny mix of a horse and a donkey. With its long ears, large head and trademark dorsal stripe, the mule shares characteristics of a donkey. Also the small hooves and the caretaking mules require resemble a donkey rather than a horse. The shape of the head, the size of the animal and its body shape, however, are characteristics of a horse. But that sound … it is pretty unique, so to say. Not a horse’s whinny nor a donkey’s hee-haw but a sort of low, stretched wheaaaw that makes you believe the forest is haunted.

        Muuleilla on suhteessa iso pää hevosiin verrattuna. Suuri kallo periytyy aasipuolelta. Aapollakin on valtavan kokoinen pää, mikä osin aiheuttaa haastetta riimun ja suitsien hankinnassa, kun hyllytavarana ei sopivaa noin isoon päähän löydy.

          There are saddles especially designed for mules. This is a good thing, because most horse saddles do not fit very well on the straight, slender back of a mule.