Sirius is a black neutered miniature pig, who was born on the 6th of April2014. In a former life, which is before Christmas 2016 when he came to live with us, Sirius was a house pig. We have no doubt that he would love to have his own spot in front of the television again, but at Hutko’s he became a stable pig. In the stable he has his own box or porky palace if you like, where he can be the King Pig. When running around freely, Sirius has an unbridled desire to explore literally everything, open doors, tear soft materials to pieces, empty trash cans, and well, you know, act like a pig. Still, we often let him join us while we go and feed the other animals or take him outside for some fresh air. And it must be said that Sirius is a very kind and sociable companion who trots happily along with the Hutko crew.

Cleaning service Sirius – Sirius is a great help, e.g. in the llama stable. You won’t find a single crumb of fodder on the floor after he has passed. Sirius really takes his cleaning job seriously.

    Mr. Sirius is in quite supportive condition. We put him on a kind of diet to get him back in a smoother shape.