Enjoy an unforgettable day hiking accompanied by man’s travel companion of old: the llama. Experience the unique connection between man and llama, surrounded by quiet and beautiful nature.

Llamas are also called ‘silent friends’. Their silent step, confidence on raw terrain and gentle appearance make them great hiking companions.

    A llama hike offers a relaxing getaway from everyday stress. Walking at the easy comfortable pace of the llamas over the gentle slopes you have plenty of time to absorb all features of the traditional Southern Finnish landscape with its water streams, farmland, quiet village roads and lush forests covered with wildflower beds and mossy boulders – sturdy witnesses of the last Ice Age.

    Llama hikes bring you back in time thousands of years. Although llamas are not at all Nordic of orgin, they thrive in the Finnish environment. Llamas’ calm, gentle nature make them great friends for kids and perfect hiking companions, even when you are not used to dealing with bigger animals. Brave hearty Jingo, steady gentleman Kim, sympathetic lady Kielo or another member of the herd. Each of our llamas has a unique personality and set of skills. We do our utmost to help you find your soul mate… If for some reason, however, hiking with a llama on the lead is not your cup of tea, you are still welcome to join us without a companion – or to share one with another hiker.

    Each of our llamas has a unique personality and we do our utmost to help you find your soul mate

      On every hiking trip, some of the llamas serve as a pack llama, carrying a backpack with our supplies

        On hiking trips, some of our llamas do what they have been doing for centuries: carrying loads. We pack all the supplies for the trip in the llamas’ backpacks. The backpacks leave enough room for hikers’ personal belongings, such as a drinking bottle or rainwear.

        Llama hikes are trips of about 1,5 hrs, during which each hiker walks with a llama on the lead through the changing landscape. Halfway through our hiking trip we will halt near a pool in the forest for a camp fire picnic. Around the camp fire we will roast sausages and make coffee, reflect on making the world a better place, or just sit out and listen to the sounds of the forest. After a little rest we will head back to the starting point of our trip, the llama farm. Upon arrival back at the farm you can meet with the other animals at your leisure.

        A leisurely picnic at a forest pool is ideal for rewinding.

          Nothing beats marshmellows roasted on a camp fire and genuine camp fire coffee.

            A llama hike will take about 4-5 hrs. We recommend all our hikers wear long trousers, waterproof footwear, e.g. shoes with a waterproof coating or rubber boots and dress according to the weather. Llamas don’t mind a bit of rain. Actually they even like it. Even for hikers rain can be an appeasing element. During the picnic you will find shelter under a typical Finnish loue.

            Prices and reservations

            Llama hikes cost 80 €/hiker, when starting from the Hutko estate. If you plan to travel by public transport, you can start your Animal hike at the Mäntsälä train station. We will pick you up from the station and drive you to the Hutko estate (app. 30min one way). When starting from Mäntsälä train station, a llama hikes costs 110€/hiker. Of course we will drive you back to the train station after the hike too. The camp fire picnic is included in the price. Payments can be made at the estate with cash or credit cards.

            Hiker Price per hiker for Llama hikes
            LLAMA HIKER
            Starting point Hutko estate
            80,00 €
            LLAMA HIKER
            Starting point Mäntsälä train station
            110,00 €

            You can check for available Llama hiking trips on the booking calendar and book your trip there as well. Unfortunately, hiking trips are unavailable during the winter season (November–March) because our llamas struggle to wade through deep snow. The minimum size of a hiking group is 3 hikers with a maximum of 10. Should the minimum number of hikers for your trip not be met, you will be informed at the latest 1 calendar days prior. For the camp fire picnic, please inform us of any special dietary requirements through the registration form. Please note that registrations are binding!

            Besides our regular hikes, mentioned on the calendar, we welcome groups for hikes on demand. For a surplus, hikes can be organized in English, German or Dutch. For more information, drop us an e-mail: or give us a call: 040 5929664 (Anu Koivisto). Besides our regular llama hikes, groups can also opt for a Short Llama hike or an Experience Llama hike. For more information, click Visiting Us / Groups.