Surprise a friend or beloved one for their birthday; make your retiring colleague’s farewell party unforgettable or give your children’s event that extra something by adding this hilarious ride to the programme. Well actually, for Kim, our llama gentleman and ourselves this is just business as usual. If a horse can pull a stylish carriage, than a llama can do too – or even better.

Kim our llama gentleman can pull a light carriage with two children or one adult person. The maximum load he can take also depends on the surface of the road: on a hard surface such as asphalt a bigger load can be taken than on softer surfaces such as gravel or sand.

Mr. Kim is traffic trained and is used to cars passing by. Still, for safety reasons, we do not recommend the llama carriage to join busy traffic. Mr. Kim walks at a brisk walking pace and is always lead by a handler walking besides him. We recommend rather short tracks for the carriage, with a maximum of about 1 km, as it has been proven a suitable length.

Here’s our llama carriage: Mr. Kim the draft llama and his carriage. Did you know that special harnesses have been developed to fit a llama’s frame? The carriage is a pony cart, the size of which suits a llama just as well.

    Llama llama don’t you stop – or how did that song go again? Mr. Kim the llama is not afraid of crowds of people – on the contrary he really enjoys getting loads of attention and pats on the back. With his nerves of steel, not even cars passing by bother him a bit.

      Price list

      Our pricing is composed of the duration of the carriage’s performance and the travel costs from the farm to the visiting address (1,3 €/km, inc. VAT 24 %). Starting point is the Hutko estate ’Hutko Laama- ja eläintila’, Porrassuontie 23, 07560 Pukkila.

      Example quote: a llama carriage visit+ride of one hour on 50km from the estate:
      Presence and performance of the llama carriage 120 €
      Travel costs 50 km x 2 x 1,3 €/km = 130 €
      Total price for the llama carriage: 120 € + 130 € = 250 € (inc. VAT 24 %)

      Pricelist total performance time

      Performance time Price, inc. VAT 24 %
      0,5 hour 90 €
      1 hour 120 €
      1,5 hour 150 €
      2 hours 180 €

      Traveling costs according to actual driving distance in kms 1,30 €/km (inc. VAT 24 %)

      Reservations and inquiries

      You can book your llama carriage ride by dropping us an e-mail: or by giving us a call: 040 5929664 (Anu Koivisto).

      During the llama carriage ride, we can talk with our customers in Finnish, English and basic Swedish.

      The llama carriage can ride out in wintertime, as long as the roads are not icy. The soft soles of a llama have no grip on slippery, icy surfaces. Also the pointy crushed rock, spread out on the roads in winter can injure the llama’s feet.