Born 5th June 2017

Taavi is a crossbreed rabbit, whose French lop and Flemish Giant ancestors passed him good growing genes. Taavi is a large rabbit with big lop ears. He has a very calm nature and enjoys sitting on your lap.


    Born 2nd April 2012

    Laku is a black crossbreed rabbit with a “rock-style” lion’s mane fur. Laku has a rather bold and inquisitive nature. His boldness made him a bit of a bully towards the youngest rabbits in the pen, so we had to find him a new place to stay. Laku moved out of the pen to join the goats and they get along really well now.


      Born in 2014

      Fanny is an all grey crossbreed rabbit lady. Fanny loves to meet new visitors and will come close enough to sniff at your shoelaces, but that doesn’t make her a lap bunny though.


        Born in 2014

        Caro is a brown and white crossbreed rabbit lady. If she had been born a mouse, she would have been Speedy Gonzalez, because she loves to sprint around the pen. Caro is not a lap-sitting type, but she does enjoy being petted.