At the Hutko estate you can be a farmer for a day. We feed the animals together and we care for them. It is the best way to really get to know the animals and of course there will be time to cuddle them as well. After the work is done, you can choose your favorite llama and we will go for a little walk together. Welcome to the llama way of life!
The Feed & Stroke a Llama-package involves feeding the animals and taking an animal for a walk. You are welcome to join us whenever it suits you best. All you need to do is pick a day on our booking calendar and we’re all yours. The Feed & Stroke a Llama moments are not just about llamas. You will be feeding our other animals as well, and have a unique opportunity to get to know many different types of animals. Participating in working with animals creates a strong bond and fond memories. All our animals are kind and easy to approach, so even an inexperienced person can approach and feed them safely. And of course, along with the work there is always time for cuddling the animals and enjoying being near them.

When all animals are fed and happy, we go for a little walk with an animal of your choice on the lead. This can be a llama, a sheep, a donkey or even a cow. We will be walking on a sandy road and/or a forest trail, so we recommend you bring good footwear and dress according to the weather.

Feed & Stroke a Llama moments take 1,5hrs. We welcome groups up to 8 people, but individual guests are also welcome. Feed & Stroke a Llama moments are possible all year long, but if the weather is really bad, we will spend most of the time in the stable.

Feed & Stroke a Llama moments are possible all year round.

    Prices and reservation

    Feed & Stroke a Llama moments are 12 €/person. We accept payment in cash or by credit card.

    Reservations can be made online on our booking calendar. Please note that reservations are binding.