The best birthday is one that is shared with your friends. And what if you and your friends could have a birthday party on a real farm, taking care of the animals and taking the animals out for a little walk? After the work is done it is time for a pancake party with freshly made pancakes topped with jam from the farmyard’s strawberries and raspberries and homemade berry juice to go with them.

Taking care of animals is great fun and brings much joy to the birthday boy/girl and their friends.

    At a birthday party on our farm all the children can take part in feeding the animals. For many children this is an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. All our animals are used to children and therefore calm and easy to approach. Feeding them is safe and fun, even when a child is not used to dealing with bigger animals. And of course, along with the work there is always time for cuddling the animals and enjoying being near them.

    When the animals are all fed and happy, we head for Hutko’s cottage where you can enjoy as many fresh pancakes as you can eat. Top your pancakes with strawberry or raspberry jam from the farmyard and quench your thirst with homemade berry juice, milk or water. The cottage also leaves plenty of room for opening presents. Party guests are welcome to bring treats of their own to serve their guests.

    When all tummies are happy and full, it is time for some fresh air. The birthday boy/girl and their guests go for a little walk, each one with an animal of their choice. This can be a llama, a sheep, a donkey or even a cow. We will walk along a sand road and/or a forest trail, so we recommend you bring good footwear and dress according to the weather.

    A Birthday on the Farm lasts about 3 hours, of which 2 hours are spent with the animals and 1 hour is reserved for the pancake party.

    The minimum size for groups is 5 people with a maximum of 15.

    Prices and reservation

    Birthday on the Farm is 24 €/person.

    Reservations can be made by e-mail to or by phone 040 5929664 (Anu Koivisto).

    For birthday guests with dietary restrictions, gluten free and/or lactose free pancakes can be ordered. The number of party guests and possible dietary restrictions are to be confirmed two days prior.

    We accept payment in cash or by credit card. The confirmed number of participants is binding for payment.

    Walking with a real ox on the lead is a pretty unique experience! However, due to his compact size and his sweet soft character, our Murmeli is anything but the fierce ox you might imagine.