Having animals around you and being able to stroke them is a lot of fun. Animals visiting elderly homes and medical wards bring joy and a welcome distraction from everyday routine. At various events, the presence of animals that can be stroked attract visitors of all ages.

Llamas are well suited for indoor visits. The llama’s coat has a mild odor and its soft soles have good grip on floor surfaces.

    Visiting animals brighten up life in a service block and crown the summer event.

      Lack of outdoor space is no obstacle for animal visits because some of our animals are well suited for indoor visits. This makes visits possible throughout the year and regardless of the weather.

        We have animals of different types and sizes trained for visiting at events. Some are suited for both indoor and outdoor visits, whereas others can do outdoor visits only. In the following list you can find the perfect animal visitor(s) for your event:


        Type of visit: indoor & outdoor

        Description: Kielo is the sweetest llama dam around and she loves to keep people company. During the entire visit, Kielo is haltered and on a leash, which makes it easy to guide her from one place to another. Kielo is white, with a black beauty spot. She is an experienced animal visitor and is used to loud noises and crowds of people. Her paw-like feet have good grip on floor surfaces, which makes it easy for her to walk through hallways and in rooms. Even a ride in the elevator is no problem. Kielo is a gentle, sweet, dewy-eyed animal visitor, easy to approach and soft to the touch. She will steal the hearts of her audience in no time.

          Type of visit: indoor & outdoor. Veikko is not 100% house-trained, but if an accident should occur, we will clean up after him.

          Description: Veikko is a very sociable wether (castrated ram). During the entire visit, Veikko is haltered and on a leash, which makes it easy to guide him around from one place to another. Veikko had a difficult childhood as a bottle-fed lamb rejected by his mother, which made him well accustomed to people. Veikko is a lively and inquisitive sheep. He is not afraid of people and is fine with taking the elevator if necessary. Veikko’s coat is light-grey and soft with the typical greasiness of a sheep’s fleece. The presence of a sheep on the premises brings back childhood memories to many elderly. This is probably why Veikko is a popular guest at elderly homes.

            KAIJA K. THE CHICKEN
            Type of visit: indoor & outdoor with min. outdoor temperature of +5 C, otherwise Kaija wil catch a cold.

            Description: Contrary to her namesake, pop singer Kaija Koo, Kaija K. the chicken is a quiet animal visitor. She does not easily lift her voice but rather enjoys being a pet chicken, sitting on people’s laps and being stroked. Kaija K. is a Plymouth Rock hen with a beautiful black and white so-called ’barred’ coat. During visits we do not keep her on a leash, because she has never intended to go anywhere on her own. She may wander around a little bit while exploring the place. Kaija K. is perfectly suited for visits at service blocks, because she can easily be placed on a person’s lap to be stroked, e.g. a wheelchair user. Just to be on the safe side, we always place a cloth on the person’s lap first. For elderly people, a chicken is usually a much welcomed visitor, because they bring back many childhood memories.

              LAKU THE RABBIT
              Type of visit: indoor & outdoor with min. outdoor temperature of -5 C, otherwise Laku wil catch a cold.

              Description: Laku is a black mixed breed rabbit with a rock style lion’s mane. A typical rabbit, Laku is quiet and incredibly soft and huggable. During visits, Laku is usually held freely, which makes it easy to pass him on from one lap to the next. However, we do have a rabbit harness for him to put on outdoor visits whenever there is a possibility for him to hop away. Because of his calm nature and cuddliness, Laku is perfectly suited for visits at service blocks and much loved by wheelchair users.

                MURMELI THE OX
                Type of visit: We prefer to have Murmeli visit an outdoor location. Our ox is not house trained, with big accidents happening if they happen, (which we will still clean up after him of course). Also Murmeli’s hooves do not get a firm grip on slick floor surfaces, which may cause him to slip. We recommend it is best to stick to outdoor activities with him.

                Description: Murmeli is a Northern Finncattle, a.k.a. Lapland cow ox, which means he is a castrated bull. Murmeli is rather small even for a Lapland cow, with a height of the withers of approx. 110cm. His appearance is anything but what comes to mind when you think of an ox: petite, white, no horns, sweet and inquisitive. Still, this lad’s way of moving about is surprisingly masculine with large macho movements, so we advise you not to invite him to small and narrow spaces. Murmeli loves to meet new people and the risk of receiving a big wet ox lick kiss is pretty high at close encounters.

                  Besides our all-star visitors named above, we have some other animal personalities on our farm, which could be suitable for your visit. Let me introduce some of them:
                  Iivari the sheep: A small, lively and sociable black ram.
                  Vinka the llama: A light grey and outgoing llama dam.
                  Daisi- ja Tiitu the donkeys: Our donkey girls are tame and sociable. They are also inseparable, which makes it impossible to have only one donkey visiting. Please note that on the price list, however, they are counted as two separate animals.
                  Laku, Fanny ja Caro the rabbits (group): The rabbits can also visit as a group. In that case they come with a portable bunny run of approx. 1,2m x 1,2m. The bunny run has a gate, through which people can enter the run to be with the rabbits and cuddle them. On the price list, the group of rabbits equals two animals.

                  Because we are dealing with livestock, we reserve the right to alterations and substitutions, e.g. in case of illness. However, we will inform discuss any substitution or alteration with you.

                  Duration of the visits and price list

                  The basic unit for an animal visit is 1 hour. This is also the basis for our pricing. For a visit of an hour and a half we charge 1,5 times the basic price, for two hours we charge twice the basic price. For visits over two hours we kindly ask you to contact us on laama@hutko.fi for a quote.

                  Our pricing is composed of the number of visiting animals and the travel costs from the farm to the visiting address (1,3 €/km, inc. VAT 24 %). Starting point is the Hutko estate ’Hutko Laama- ja eläintila’, Porrassuontie 23, 07560 Pukkila.

                  Example quote: a visit of three animals at 50km from the farm:
                  Animal fee 140 €
                  Travel costs 50 km x 2 x 1,3 €/km = 130 €
                  Total price of the visit 140 € + 130 € = 270 € (inc. VAT 24 %)

                  Overview of the animals:
                  Indoors and outdoors: llama, sheep, chicken and rabbit
                  Preferably outdoors: Northern Finncattle ox

                  ANIMAL FEE

                  Visiting animals Price, inc. VAT 24 %
                  1 animal 80 €
                  2 animals 110 €
                  3 animals 140 €
                  4 animals 170 €
                  5 animals 200 €

                  Traveling costs according to actual driving distance in km: 1,30 €/km (inc. VAT 24 %)

                  Reservations and inquiries

                  You can book your animal visit by dropping us an e-mail: laama@hutko.fi or by giving us a call: 040 5929664 (Anu Koivisto).

                  During the animal visits, we can talk with our customers in Finnish, English and basic Swedish.