Get the whole family out and about with a guided hiking trip in beautiful nature. Choose a furry companion: a donkey, a llama, a sheep or a cow. Young hikers may enjoy their trip seated firmly in the saddle on the comfortable back of a donkey

Our animals are used to each other, so ox, sheep and llama are peacefully walking side by side on our trips.

    Murmeli the ox is an experienced hiker, who will gladly carry our supplies for us.

      Animal hikes are short trips of about 3 kms, where each hiker walks with an animal of his choice on the lead. Some of the animals carry backpacks with our supplies, like coffee and the picnic lunch. The backpacks also have room for hikers’ personal belongings, such as a drinking bottle or rainwear. Our donkeys can carry a person up to 30 kgs on their backs, but must be led by a second person at all times. Riding helmets are available for the donkey riders. For safety reasons, however, donkey riders will have to descend and walk up or down steep slopes on foot.

      Our donkeys can also carry a person up to 30 kgs on their backs, thus facilitating a comfortable hiking trip for young children. Inexperienced riders will enjoy the comfort of our children saddles with high bowl for a firm grip.

        Nothing beats marshmellows roasted on a fire and genuine camp fire coffee.

          The hiking trail will lead you mainly through the easily accessible undulating terrain, typical for East Uusimaa. We recommend all our hikers wear waterproof footwear and dress according to the weather. Halfway during the hiking trip there is time for a picnic around the camp fire. Animal hikes take app 3,5hrs. Upon return to the estate, you can meet the other animals at your leisure.
          Prices and reservations

          Animal hikes cost 50 €/hiker, when starting from the Hutko estate. Hikers under 10 yrs accompanied by an adult but without a separate animal companion pay 25 €. When travelling by public transport, you can start your Animal hike at the Mäntsälä train station, where we will pick you up and drive you to the Hutko estate (app. 30min one way). Animal hikes starting from the train station cost 77 €/hiker, or 52 €/hiker under 10 yrs without a separate animal companion. Of course we will drive you back to the train station after the hike too. The camp fire picnic is included in the price. Payments can be made at the estate with cash or credit cards.

          Hiker Price per hiker for Animal hikes
          Starting point Hutko estate
          50,00 €
          JUNIOR HIKER
          Hiker < 10 yrs accompanied by an adult, but without separate animal companion, starting point Hutko estate
          25,00 €
          Starting point Mäntsälä train station
          77,00 €
          JUNIOR HIKER
          Hiker < 10 yrs accompanied by an adult, but without separate animal companion, starting point Mäntsälä train station
          52,00 €

          You can check the availability of Animal hiking trips and book yours on the booking calendar. Unfortunately, hiking trips are unavailable during the winter season (November–March) because of the snow. The minimum size of a hiking group is 5 hikers with a maximum of 12. Should the minimum number of hikers for your trip not be met, you will be informed at the latest 1 calendar days prior. For the camp fire picnic, please inform us of any special dietary requirements through the registration form. Please note that registrations are binding!

          Besides our regular hikes, mentioned on the calendar, we welcome groups for hikes on demand. For a surplus, hikes can be organized in English, German or Dutch. For more information, drop us an e-mail: laama@hutko.fi or give us a call: 040 5929664 (Anu Koivisto).

          VAnimal companions to choose from: Llamas Kim, Kanta, Vinka and Orvokki; Murmeli the ox; cow Martta, sheep Veikko, Iivari and Nella, or donkeys Tiitu and Daisi. Donkeys can carry a rider up to 30 kgs, if led by a second person. Mark your animal of choice on the registration form, but don’t worry, you can still change your mind before we really set off.