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The Hutko estate

Situated in the charming countryside of Pukkila in Southern Finland, with its gentle slopes and stunning views, the Hutko estate is a traditional Eastern Uusimaa family estate with roots that go all the way back to the 1800s. For the past four generations the estate was handed over from mother to daughter and the fifth generation of daughters is growing up right now. Unlike in the 1800s, our business covers more than the traditional agriculture, forestry and keeping livestock. Working with livestock was taken to the next level in 2011, when our first llamas arrived. With the llamas attracting a lot of visitors to the estate, a growing offer of livestock related activities was developed. Currently, our customers’ favorites are the Feed & Stroke a Llama-moments, Llama and Animal hikes, Birthday on the Farm and our Animal Visits. However we still offer you the joys of traditional agriculture: when tasting savory Finnish rye bread or when applying Finnish rapeseed oil in the kitchen, you might just be enjoying the fruits of our land.

Our facilities

  The renovated old barn building shelters most of our livestock during winter time. Apart from the stables are an indoor rest room and a heated coffee room. Another important building on the premises is the old smithy that was renovated in the course of 2016. Where the barn is the beating heart of the farm, the smithy, now in use as llama stable, is its lungs. Our sympathetic llamas share their space with two lady donkeys. In the summer, most of our animals enjoy the fresh air whilst running freely in the pastures.

Payments can be made with cash or credit cards. We do not have an official parking area, so feel free to park your vehicle anywhere on the premises – well, maybe not in the middle of the road.
About me

My name is Anu Koivisto, and I work and live on our family estate together with my husband Markku. I have always been fond of animals. Now that I’m a grown up (and my parents can’t forbid it anymore) I am living my dream of buying and caring for different kinds of animals. And I would love to share this dream with you! My wonderful, people loving and child friendly animal friends are eager to welcome you and your friends and family. Welcome to Hutko!


FEED & STROKE A LLAMA MOMENTS are available a year around. If you wish to participate such a moment, just book a time of our Booking calender = VARAAMO.

LLAMA AND DONKEY HIKINGS are arranged during summer season. You find timetables of hiking from Booking calender = VARAAMO.




Click a sign to see our llamas

    Other animals

    We have other animals besides llamas. Take a look behind the wooden signs to discover what kind of residents live at the Hutko estate.


    Follow what’s going on at Hutko’s llama and barnyard animal farm on our Llama book – blog or on our Facebook page.




    Opening hours

    Hutko is a bit of a different llama and barnyard animal farm. Just like with any other petting farm, you can come to watch and interact with the animals on a real farmyard. But at Hutko’s you can also experience what it is really like to tend to all these animals. Here you will get to feed and tend to jolly, child-friendly animals and experience what it is like to lead a real llama on the leash. Are you more of an adventurous type? Then you might want to join us on a llama hike day trip. Hutko has no official opening hours. We do have an event calendar on which you can see when to come to see us, tend to the animals, join on a llama hike and much more. You can book the activity or event of your choice on our booking calendar. Under ’Products and services’ you will find a description of each activity. But if you happen to be just around the corner and you would love to drop by, do give us a call and dare to ask if we’re at home… (Anu Koivisto 040 5929664)


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    • Porrassuontie 23, 07560 Pukkila